Below are links for some of the pieces I’ve written since 2002. I have a tendency to write when I’m angry, so several stories talk about racism and sexism. Some of the stories mention the fact that I was treated for invasive breast cancer in 2008. Nine years later my mammograms are clear, knock on wood. (And knock some more.)

In Swedish (Göteborgs-Posten)

Granatsplitter i ryggraden (2003)

Mamma får inget veta om Afghanistan (2002)

In English (websites and print)

There Is Nothing Wrong With Women (2009)

Taking It Public (2009)

Stereotypes Cultivate Ignorance (2007)

You Are Not From Here Are You? (2005)

Don’t Tell Mom (2005)

From Lotta’s Place (2006-2013)

You Really Should Know Better (2012)

When I Made It To The Front Page of The Huffington Post (2012)

And Now We Wait (2012)

The Fear Of Whiteness (2012)

The Fury Of Melissa Harris-Perry (2012)

Get It? (2012)

You Feel Me, Siri? (2011)

When Dr. King Was 6 Years Old (2011)

Hello Starbucks (2011)

Why I Didn’t Like The Movie ‘The Help’ (2011)

Why Jose Didn’t Want To Go Through Arizona (2011)

Art, Exercise, And Cancer (2011)

Is This Image Funny To You? (2011)

Walk A Mile In His Shoes (2011)

To Age In Style (2010)

To My Congressman (2010)

Stand Up 2 Cancer (2010)

True Story (2009)

Sage Advice From Robyn (2009)

La Misma Luna (2009)

Arroz Con Leche (2008)

Cancer Update (2008)

[Expletive] you, Indeed (2008)

Americans Won’t Use Toilet Paper To Blow There Nose (2008)

Pet Peeve: Grammar Edition (2008)

At The Coffee Roasting Company (2008)

Getting Their Feelings Hurt (2008)

Gemstones and Cynicism (2008)

Ibsen’s Favorite Pub (2007)

A Comment To Ibsen’s Favorite Pub (2007)

Pet Peeve (2007)

Sydney Opera House (2007)

Lying (2007)

The Lära Bar (2007)