48 things about me

I was going for 100 things, but 48 isn’t bad either.

  1. I love classic cars and every day I am sad I had to sell my 1972 Karmann Ghia convertible.
  2. I have no business owning classic cars that need work.
  3. I love steak tartar.
  4. My goal is to do a two hour hike five days a week but I usually end up with four.
  5. Oppression makes me very, very, angry.
  6. I love color.
  7. I’m borrowing a quote from Swedish painter Ivan Ivarson: “I could eat color.”
  8. I also love photography. Photography is painting for the lazy.
  9. I’ve lived in California since July 12, 1995.
  10. Before then I lived in Sweden, where I was born.
  11. I teach at a Catholic school, but I am not a member of any religious organization.
  12. I think I’m becoming more interesting as I get older, but I realize that as an aging woman in the eyes of the world I am getting less interesting as I get older.
  13. I am a cancer survivor.
  14. Speaking English as a second language has given me plenty of new words and concepts to make visible things that are kept invisible in Swedish. One example: #13.
  15. People who rely on hierarchies (and their positions in hierarchies) are boring to me.
  16. This is a Scandinavian cultural trait (#15).
  17. I like people.
  18. I like flowers.
  19. I like sunshine and when it’s warm.
  20. Growing up my favorite month was July.
  21. My favorite number is 7.
  22. I like people who are funny.
  23. Very few students incorporate humor into their papers, essays, or exams. This is a pity.
  24. Shout-out to Justin Canel. (Also a test to see if he’ll ever read this.)
  25. My hairdresser likes to make my hair partly purple, but purple hair makes me nervous.
  26. I feel at home in large cities.
  27. I live in a small town.
  28. I don’t have favorite movies or books or songs.
  29. I drink a lot of coffee but no alcohol (because of the cancer).
  30. My left foot is larger than my right foot (maybe that’s normal).
  31. I don’t remember numbers.
  32. I remember personal details and stories people tell me to an embarrassing degree.
  33. I just deleted “I am more competitive than I’d like to admit.”.
  34. I need time by myself everyday.
  35. I have a very, very, poor sense of direction.
  36. I love cheese.
  37. I like leather shoes and bags. Not vegan.
  38. Not a vegetarian either.
  39. I’ve never wanted kids.
  40. I’m afraid of heights.
  41. I think men get away with stuff and women are held to higher standards. (As in, it’s easier to criticize a woman’s performance.)
  42. One of the nicest compliments I’ve received was when one of my nephews was 2 years old and he told his dad, “Lotta knows how to play in the sandbox”.
  43. Also: An African-American college senior (that is, a young woman around 22 years old) told me that I was the first white person she’d been able to trust.
  44. I told a white colleague that story, and her first comment was “no”, as if it couldn’t be true.
  45. I will never, ever, understand American race relations.
  46. I love spicy food.
  47. I’m private. There are lots of things I’d never put on this list.
  48. I can hold a grudge.