I’ve figured out the secret for tasty green components in your everyday salad: 1. Prepare right before you eat, and 2. go at the greens with your kitchen scissors like CRAZY. Cut them up, and they will taste ten times more. Also, I never make salad dressing anymore. I just drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and add salt and pepper last. Done.

Today arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shallots, and micro greens of some sort. Super simple, super good.

me? my name is ‘ladda’

Dan and I went to the movies today, and one of the previews was for the History Channel’s series ‘Vikings’. As I was watching it I realized there wasn’t one Scandinavian actor to be seen, or heard. Which gave me the same chuckle as the English language version of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: English speaking actors playing Scandinavian characters that don’t know how to pronounce their own names. In The Girl, etc. Daniel Craig knocks on a door and says “Hi, I’m Mikael Blomquist”, butchering both his first and last name beyond recognition. It’s too funny, and too unnecessary.